Free traffic from the Google Shopping Tab launches mid-October in Europe

We knew it was going to happen before the end of the year… Today Google announced that free listings on the Shopping tab is coming to Europe in mid-October. When this launches, the Google Shopping tab will be redesigned to enable shopping ads (on top) and organic (FREE) product listings (beneath).

The Google Shopping Tab before and after the launch of free product listing

Read more about surfaces across Google in our blog post: Free clicks from the Google Shopping Tab: Surfaces Across Google

That means organic (free) traffic from the Google Shopping tab! 

Loads of traffic? No. It is already live in the US and I would estimate that  for the average advertiser roughly 5% of the clicks are free. But there are ways to boost traffic…


This starts a new era, in which SEO for product listing becomes more important. Just like with website SEO, title optimization will become a important activity to increase your findability in Google’s organic product listings. In this article about product title optimization  we explain the best practices to optimize your product titles to achieve much better findability. We also offer a great tool, Producthero Optimizer, with an easy editor and smart recommendations, to help you with optimizing your product titles to boost your impressions and clicks. And of course your price against your competitors is an important factor. Producthero helps advertisers to make better use of the price benchmark data in their Merchant Center (find some use cases here).

Make sure you are ready

Free product listings on the Shopping tab’ are powered by the ‘surfaces across Google’ Merchant Center program. The preparations are already visible in European Merchant Centers. 

Producthero CSS Merchant Centers are ready for surfaces across Google! To make sure you are ready for the launch and get those free clicks you can check your Merchant Center.

You can choose one CSS through which they participate in surfaces across Google in their CSS dashboard available in Merchant Center. By default, the CSS with the most uploaded inventory for a given merchant has been selected. Merchants can switch to another CSS at any point via the CSS dashboard. This dashboard is only available in a Google Shopping Merchant Center (because only a Google Shopping Merchant Center can verify a domain). If you do not have one, you can create one (you do not have to use it for advertising). 

To make sure you are ready and an answer to all your questions can be found in this article: Surfaces across Google and CSS: an answer to all your questions. 

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